Analyze The Relationship Between General Lee And Longstreet

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Friendship In War The Battle of Gettysburg was an emotional roller-coaster for both the North and South. Up to this point in the Civil War, the Confederates had dominated the Union, winning any battle they participated in. It was not easy for the Union to win though. Many Northern lives were lost, and this had an effect on both the Union and the Confederates. Some of the people in the war, even those on opposite sides, had great relationships with each other. Robert E. Lee and Commander Longstreet were really close friends, but they had different opinions on what strategies the Confederates should use. Armistead and Hancock were on different sides, but they were really close friends. Chamberlain and Kilrain had different views, but they never let those things get between their friendship. The first and most important relationship in The Killer Angels is between General Lee and Longstreet. Longstreet is Lee’s only good Commander left, because his last general, Jackson, was killed in battle. Lee doesn’t want to lose Longstreet, and Longstreet knows what the Confederates should do in the war, but has no power to lead the army. Longstreet wants to get in-between the Union and Washington D.C. and play a…show more content…
For a few, the battle turned out to have both pros and cons. Whether or not the war was a victory or loss didn’t really matter to the characters, on account of friends were still lost in the war from both sides. The relationships that some people had with each other affected how the war was fought. They had so much respect for each other that some soldiers couldn’t even imagine what they’d do if they discovered the body of one of their friends on the battlefield. Friends had to look out for each other, no matter what side they were on. It is safe to say that although some friendships were ended physically in this war, friendships continue on into the next life for these

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