Analyze the Gothic Features of the Creation Scene in Frankenstein

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Analyze the gothic features of the creation scene in Frankenstein The Creation scene in Frankenstein is rife with gothic tropes, ranging from excessive emotion and extreme reactions to elements of the supernatural, transgression of boundaries and symbolic representation of the various parts of the human mind. The most obvious gothic feature in this scene, and perhaps the entire book has to be the idea of the supernatural or otherworldly. Though technically speaking the monster is created through science, it would be impossible to say that it is not a supernatural feature in the text; the science used to bring the ‘inanimate body’ back to life is simply referred to as ‘the instruments of life’. This is the only explanation we get for how the creature is brought to life, all we know is that something that would have been considered only just the wrong side of the impossible to a contemporary readership, happened in Frankenstein’s Laboratory. This idea of the supernatural being something just out of reach to be considered possible is common in gothic texts in relation to the views contemporary readers of the texts would have had. In the time that this text was written, though science was making many breakthroughs in all fields, the idea of ghosts and the paranormal was still very popular with the lower classes of society, classes typically associated with gothic texts at the time; séances and ghost stories were rife at the time. In this text Shelly blends the uncertainty of new science and the pushing of boundaries (another gothic trait) together with this obsession with the otherworldly and often scary, to create a scene that is quintessentially gothic in its nature, as well as extremely appealing to a large portion of the texts contemporary readership. Though perhaps not as prominent in this scene, the idea of excessive feelings leading to transgression is also

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