Analyze the Effect Race, Age, and Cultural Background in Sports. Does Is Affect Performance

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Science tells us that people of different age, and cultural background play different sports, and do certain exercises to stay in shape. This could be due to the influence of how the sport is popular in a certain culture such as soccer in hispanics, cricket in India, and Sri Lanka, or baseball in Japan. All these play a role in me interviewing people of different culture to see how how my theory would take place. I have found that a person’s culture has an impact on which physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy. First, the person I began my research with was a young man named Niall who is from 16 years of age, and has been playing soccer ever since he could walk. Niall is from the UK more especially he his from Ireland. Although soccer is not the main sport in Ireland it is very popular in the UK which led him to begin his soccer career in keeping with his roots he refers “soccer” to football, and calls “cleats” boots as the rest of the world does. As for his fitness level Niall states he is “very active” he plays soccer on a daily basis, and along to maintain his level of fitness he runs, and lift weights on a daily basis. He one day hopes that he can go pro, and play for a large football powerhouse in England or Spain. Niall is primate example of person who proves my theory. Next, the second person I had interviewed was a good friend of mine Reggie. Reggie is 33 years of age and his sport is basketball. When I normally go to play pickup games I Reggie is one of the people I play with. Reggie is a African American who plays, and loves basketball with all his heart. He started to play basketball at the age of 13 when he was in the 6th grade, and he eventually fell in love with the game. Reggie is a not as active as he once use to be, and requires stretching before, and after the games to make sure he doesn’t feel any pain. He plays twice

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