Analyze How Colors Affect Upon Mood And Behavior

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Did you know why you could remember some products in the television? Have you ever asked someone why they chose “ pink “ when they fell in love? And have you ever known how you could remember color notes when you read for take an examination? Sometimes, we don’t care about the reasons but they are around us all the time. Colors relate with the procedure of human’s acknowledgement that is a complex system in the human’s brain. Consequently, we hardly divide colors from us. There are three parts to show the colors relate with the human’s life, feeling, and mind. Colors affect to human’s mind and different colors give different meaning. Mostly we can see from cultural society; for example, we usually wear black suits for the cremation rites, we usually wear white suits for the wedding, or we usually wear red suits for the party, etc. It is observable that black represents the authority of the power. In addition, this color is used for the fashion circle because it makes clients has streamlined shape. We can say black is a popular color forever, and it sides with all colors. Moreover, wearing black helps you show your power toward the outside; for example, Christian priest wears black clothes in order to make occurrence sacredness. In this way, it means ending of situation. Sometimes, it means severe disease. In some influences, if black mingle with red, anger, and abomination. White refers to the symbol of bride who is pure bright and innocent. It is a color for summer. Moreover, it is distinguished for decoration because it is light, unblemished, and natural. In fact, it is suitable with all colors also. The purity of white, we can see from the doctor and nurse who wear white suits. It is the most balance and perfect color. In addition, we can see from the saints also. Especially if you have aura in yourself, it means you get cleanup for purity or your mind is full

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