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Analyze a Movie Using Sociological Perspectives For this assignment, I have chosen to watch and analyze the movie Hackers. Hackers is an American thriller movie that follows the exploits of a group of teenagers that are highly intelligent in regards to computers and information technology. The films protagonist, Dade, has been captivated with computers all his life; at the young age of eleven, he was able to hack into the computer system of several top Wall Street investment firms, and he nearly caused a key stock market crash. As punishment, Dade was prohibited to use a computer until his 18th birthday. The film starts off coincidently on his 18th birthday, where his love for computers has not faded. Dade meets up with a group of fellow hackers: Acid Burn, Joey, Cereal Killer, Nikon, and Phantom Phreak. Dade and his accomplices simply want to know more about the systems they encounter, all while engaging in deviant acts. In their travels through cyberspace, they discover The Plague, a former hacker turned computer security expert with a huge multinational corporation. The Plague notices that this deviant group is onto him, so he sets them up to look like the culprits. From here on out it is a cat and mouse game between our main characters, the antagonist, and the F.B.I. I believe that this movie falls into the category of deviance for multiple reasons. To first understand why it qualifies, it is important to understand the definition of deviance. Sociologists define the term deviance to denote any violation of the given societies norms. This can range from the clothes that an individual garbs, to the extremes of sexual fetishes. Henslin states that sociologist Howard S. Becker described deviance as not the act itself but the reactions to the act that make something deviant (134). For example, if I live in a society where it is natural for one to blow their

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