Analytical Paper: Nature Of Work

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Analytical Paper: Nature of Work As a society, the way people are thinking about work is changing, people today seem more likely to work many jobs over their lifetimes than they were in the past. More individuals are starving for meaning and purpose in their lives, and with the breakdown in job security in the corporate world, people are desiring more than ever to have their values consistent throughout both their personal and professional lives. With how time and energy is devoted to work; there is a yearning to align life purpose with work to make it meaningful. Work is a very important part of our lives and it is not something that can easily be abandoned. For the majority, they have jobs they are able to do but find little fulfillment in what they do, merely working to support their costs of living, getting through the work week to freely live their real life and live true to their personal values on their days off. For employees, the meaning and value found in work can contribute significantly to self-esteem as well as physical and mental health (Desjardins, 2009, p.104). For managers, how employees think about work will influence everything from performance and productivity to employee turnover, and from wages and benefits to absenteeism (p.104). When considering the value and significance of work it is crucial to consider all avenues of work, beyond the obvious employment. In thinking about “work”, it can refer both to an activity performed with diligence and perseverance and it can refer to employment. Many state assistance programs tend to operate with too narrow of a lens, under valuing or ignoring the value of housework and raising children, when both activities are in actuality non-stop work. Pursuing a college degree is a respectable thing to do but often times not valued at “work”. Despite how

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