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Analytical Framework I chose the article “Justices Say GPS Tracker Violated Privacy Rights,” by Adam Liptak that was published January 23, 2012. This is a case about Antoine Jones. I will now discuss how governmental level, political and structural levels of analytical framework can help clarify the article. The Supreme Court opened a case on Antoine Jones who is a night club owner. He was suspected of being part of the cocaine business. Police officers decided to put a tracking device under Jones car for 28 days. At the Governmental level, the Supreme Court in Washington has made a decision that the police officers have dishonored the Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment explains how the amendment protects against unreasonable search…show more content…
He was explaining how the officers where tracking down Jones was not a physical engaged of private property. Also he was trying to influencing the case by saying that the Forth Amendment didn’t specify how leaving a GPS on a vehicle was considered a search when the amendment was written and how it wasn’t not specify as a “search.” Also he used and an example of another case, United States versus Knotts in 1983. The case was similar because the officer also put a tracking device which is using modern technology. But this case with Jones is completely different because the officers during the knots case put the beeper in a bottle and the suspect in that time accepted it which he permitted of getting tracked. Political levels can be useful in this case because a strong community sense and group unity and the importance of personal connections and agreement building. Therefore, there are different groups with their own political…show more content…
In this case the power of the court made a verdict with 5 to 4 vote. The court makes it easy to avoid very difficult questions. The search with the GPS tracker without doubt crossed over 3 weeks, but with the new technology has brought up a lot of question that the court somehow can just ignore. Justice Alito said, “It may be that achieving the same result through electronic means, without an accompanying trespass, is an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, but the present case does not require us to answer that question.” They avoided the question if people will be acceptable to be recorded ever minute. New technologies allow officers or investigators to track us down and show we don’t have any privacy. Justice Sotomayor said, “I would ask whether people reasonably expect that their movements will be recorded and aggregated in a manner that enables the government to ascertain, more or less at will, their political and

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