Analytical Essay: Through The Eyes Of Christopher Columbus

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From the very beginning when Christopher Columbus arrived at the “Indies” he assumed that he can take it to his advantage in using the natives as his personal slaves. He demanded to know where the gold was since this was what he was out to do from the highest authority of Spain. On October 1492 he had arrived to distant islands and was greeted by local Indians. They where wearing what he came to look for and managed to convince them to show him the way in which they had collected this precious metal. Gold was very important to him and specially the Anarchy. Gold was completely the most powerful and the most highest object that can symbolize power. Having the magnificent yellow metal is better than having land because with gold you can buy land and much more. When he returned from “India” he…show more content…
De las Casas knew that it was incorrect to mistreat another human being, but no one else supported him. Bartolome used to have his own slaves, but he gave up that live style for a life with god and that’s when he started to think differently. The narrator later goes on explaining what should and should not be done towards Columbus. “My point is not that we must, in telling history, accuse, judge, condemn Columbus in absentia. It is too late for that…”, what the narrator is saying is that we should not feel betrayed from the actions of Columbus, but we should learn from them and prevent them from ever happening again. There is no point on putting Columbus as the bad guy, because he already did his share on this world and there is no need to accuse somebody of doing such a harsh act if that person is already dead. “What Columbus did to the Arawaks…Cortes did to the Aztecs…”, History can seem the same in different parts of the world. Its always people killing for power or land. Hernando Cortes arrived at Vera Cruz and was welcomed by the Aztecs with the thought he was a returning God. He used this to his advantage and managed to trick the Aztecs into

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