Analytical Essay On Pompey's Death Of Caesar

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Pompey’s Fate Then in Thessaly at Pharsalus, immense troops having been led forward on both sides, they fought. Pompey's line of battle had 40,000 foot soldiers, 600 cavalry on the left flank, on the right 500, in addition he had reinforcements of the entire east, the entire nobility, countless senators, ex-praetors, ex-consuls and those who had been victors of great wars already. Caesar had in his battle line not even 30,000 infant, and 1000 horse soldiers. Never until then had Roman troops, about to conquer easily the whole world easily if they were to be lead against foreigners, come together in one place with neither greater nor better leaders. It was fought in a huge battle and Pompey was defeated in the end and his camp was destroyed. He himself having been put to flight, sought Alexandria, in order to receive reinforcements from the king of Egypt to whom he had been given as a tutor by the senate because of his young age. He having followed fortune instead of friendship killed Pompey, and sent his head and ring to Caesar. With this having been seen, gazing upon the head of so great a man and of once his former son-in-law, Caesar is even said to have poured tears. The Death of Caesar and the rise of Octavian Then…show more content…
For the senate was favoring the assassins of Caesar. Antony, the consul of Caesar’s faction them with the civil wars. Therefore with the republic having been thrown into confusion, by Antony committing many wicked crimes was judged an enemy by the senate. Sent to pursue him were 2 consuls: Pansa and Hirtius and Octavian the young man, 18yrs old, Caesar’s nephew, by whom his will left him as heir and was ordered to take his name. This is who was later named Augustus and gained possession kingship. These three leaders in pursuit of Antony conquered him. It happened that both consuls were conquered and killed. Therefore 3 armies obeyed one Caesar

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