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The twentieth century has been crowned the digital age, and the lives of all are being dominated by the media and influenced by the advertisements they show. Unfortunately it seems that both younger and older adolescents are constantly on the receiving end of negative press, often represented as people who believe it is necessary to drink in order to be social and cool. An excellent example of this stereotyped construction can be seen in Vodka Cruiser’s latest advertisements, entitled “4 New Summer Flavours”, printed in the February edition of Cosmopolitan Australia, 2012. Magazines like Cosmopolitan and Cleo are generally targeted at an adult audience, however more often than not it is older adolescent females who are reading them. When advertisements for products such as Vodka Cruisers appear it is the adult audience who begin to make the quick conclusion that this is what all older females should do in order to be cool and acceptable. This obviously delivers a negative construction of teenagers to older readers, but also affects the adolescents themselves by providing a disturbing message on how they are expected to behave. The advertisement for Vodka Cruisers contains many visual and verbal signifiers which connote the stereotype that all adolescents need to drink alcohol at social events. (Slide) At first glance the readers’ attention is quickly drawn to the four smiling, young models in the centre of the page, who are the epitome of happiness, because of alcohol. (Slide) Each of the girls are also holding a brightly coloured Vodka Cruiser bottle, promoting the idea that it is expected that the drink alcohol, and the assumption that is required to have fun and socialise. (Slide) The young girls are wearing short, bright clothing, with the colours matching those of the of the Vodka Cruiser bottles. This not only connotes the models as being modern,

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