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One More Controversy in the State of Controversies Brief summary The controversial bill passed by Arizona legislature is about the denial of service by business for religious reasons. It would amend the existing Religious Freedom Restoration Act, allowing business owners to deny service to gay and lesbian customers so long as proprietors were acting solely on their religious beliefs. While proponents of gay rights dub the bill oppressive those in favor of the bill becoming law say it represents freedom. Statement of facts The background of this bill is related to a case of a New Mexico photographer sued for refusing to take wedding pictures of a gay couple. The proponents of the bill have also cited the case of two Oregon bakers who were forced to close because they denied serving in a lesbian marriage. It requires any person or an organization who denies a request for service to show that their action is based on their religious belief, that they have a sincerely held religious belief and that a lawsuit or other sanction would substantially burden their religious beliefs. The bill is being pushed by the center for Arizona policy, a conservative group opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage. This bill has passed the state House of Representatives by a 33-27 vote and is currently in Governor’s office. (Update: Governor has already vetoed it) It is feared that business would relocate away from Arizona if this law is passed. With major events approaching in the coming year, including Super Bowl XLIX, Arizona will be the center of the world’s stage. This bill has the potential of subjecting the Super Bowl and major events surrounding it to the threats of boycotts. This bill if passed contradict few federal laws like Fair Housing Act which prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental and financing of dwelling and in other housing related transactions,

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