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Analytical Essay

  • Submitted by: missjbear
  • on November 13, 2011
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Analytical Essay

In the article “The Real Computer Virus”, by Carl M. Cannon, he writes about the real virus in computers. He claims that the virus is faulty information. He strengthens his claims by backing them up with real facts.
Journalists use the internet to gather information, which is often false, therefore spreading false information over mass media. Jeff Jacoby, a writer for The Boston Globe, was writing an article about what happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was accused of using information in his article from an email that was being sent around. He was suspended for four months without pay. Another writer, Ann Landers, received the email also; in her article, she copied the email word for word, even though the information was false. The email stated that five of the signers were captured and tortured by the British; that nine of the signers were hurt in the Revolutionary War. Much of the information was false. An archivist revealed that none of the signers were tortured by the British; only 2 of the 56 were wounded in the war. Signer Thomas McKean, in the email, was in poverty after the Declaration was signed. In reality, he became a governor and died rich at age 83. The email turned out to be a collection of myths and partial truths. Mark Twain once said “that a lie can make it halfway ‘round the work before the truth gets its boots on.”
The real computer virus is misinformation. Anyone can put anything on the internet, and someone will take it for the truth. Journalists are taught to give more weight to the written records than to something heard. Journalists need to be wary of where they get their information. In November of 1998, the New York Times published a series of Chinese translations of Hollywood movies. These came from an not respectful web site. The translations became viral after a few weeks. They started popping up everywhere. They showed up in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and even on television.
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