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Destroying behavior “Kellner!" he shouted. "Garçon! Cameriere! You!" His boisterousness in the empty restaurant seemed out of place. "Could we have a little service here!" he shouted. “Chop-chop.” Then he clapped his hands. This caught the waiter’s attention, and he shuffled over to our table.” In this story we hear about a boy, meeting his dad for the first time in three years. The expectations are high but as soon as the father and the son enters a public restaurant the son’s expectations are completely ruined. The father has no feeling about public behavior. He is rude, self-centered and superficial and the meeting is a disaster. This story about a father and a son meeting for the first time in three years starts on the Grand Central Station. The son is going from his grandmother’s in the Adirondacks to a cottage on the Cape with his mom. He did only have one hour and a half in New York to meet his dad, so he had decided that they could have lunch together. There is a symbolic meaning in them meeting on a station. A station is a place for many different people. It’s like a meeting place for strangers, which the father and the son actually are. A station is a place where you are moving in a lot of different directions and it’s a place where you are, before you are moving on. The father and son are in the beginning at the meeting very happy and the son is so proud of his dad. He even wants people to take a picture of them walking together. He thinks that one day he will be just like his dad. When they are at the first restaurant, he experiences his dad a lot different. He is shouting at the waiters and clapping at them. The father is very rude and it’s like he doesn’t know how to act in a public place. In a public place there are some norms that tells you how to behave. You don’t shout at people, you have to be polite and behave well. The essay

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