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In the film Crash, the story is about the issues of race and gender that cause a group of strangers living in Los Angelas to physically and emotionally collide in a 36-hour period. It consists of several stories of each character belonging to a different race. All of these characters are by coincidence connected with each other, describing how they interact and often using each and every opportunity to show racism and other forms of prejudice. The film’s theme is the idea of strangers affect to one another and how one person’s action can affect others, sometimes without them knowing. This is most clearly supported through elements of cinematography, editing, sound, and design. The close up shots and camera moves enhanced an emotional feeling to the theme. For example, Daniel, a Hispanic locksmith is first introduced into the wealthy home of the Cabbots. Daniel’s social standing is shown when the shot pans down Jean Cabbot’s feet as she walks down the stairs, where her high physical position represents her class superiority. Juxtaposed by Daniel, his position is stooped low underneath the stairs fixing the lock. His appearance of a gang banger look leads Jean Cabbot to stereotype by saying, “your amigo in there is gonna sell our key to one of his homies.” As Daniel hears this from a distance, the camera focuses on two sets of keys left on the kitchen table. This scene persuades the audience to feel sympathetic for Daniel being racially profiled and judged on the way he looks. A collection of continuity shots and color design display the outlook of a stereotypical situation. In this scene of continuity, we come across the character Peter. He is a black man involved in a carjacking. He is picked up by a Caucasian police offer named Tom Hanson. While they are driving, they awkwardly try link the gap between their cultures, but Hanson, at one point thinks Peter is

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