Analysys &Amp;Amp;Amp; Critique Of Dow Ad

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Jason Kiser Mr. Davis English Composition II Essay/Final Draft 12/Sept/08 Essay 1: Analysis & Critique of the DOW Chemical Company Ad Introduction Have you ever wondered what types of chemicals are listed in some of the products you buy off of the shelf? Do you even really care what’s in those products or how they effect what goes on around you? The DOW Corporation is one of the top leading chemical companies in America that believe in the power of the Human Element to change the world. I feel that they are inspired to use their knowledge of chemistry, science and technology to deliver breakthroughs in sustainable chemistry. This media advertisement is from the English Composition II course, advertising media. Additional information may be found on the internet at I chose this ad because problems surrounding pollution have been ignored for years and this is a company that says they are willing to make the necessary changes needed for a better environment. The ad is designed to set them apart from the typical stereotype and let the consumers know that there is something good in what they do as an industry. Analysis Paragraph #1: Layout This ad was originally published as a television commercial. The target audience is not specified clearly right away but later shows the target as the consumers of the Dow Corporation. This ad is in video form and narrated with the soft sounds of violins playing along with pictures of snow covered mountains and moving on to the deep blue sea. Next it begins to show how certain chemicals form to become magnificent colorful objects while also implying that a large waterfall is a natural mixture of hydrogen and oxygen as well as the air we breathe. Then it shows humans interacting with these elements and also gives a simple

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