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The more efficient a firm’s employees are, the more profitable that firm will be. Information technology has played an important role in the way to increase the efficiency of employees; therefore, the companies which invest the most powerful and advanced information technology can maximize the productivity of employees. This strategy will help company spend every dollar in increasing companies’ profit margins. Efficiency of a firm’s employees does not mean the profit which the firm can get. Efficiency is just a part of a firm profit. Employees work more efficiently which can lead to the profit of company increasing, but idea is another part of source in profit margin, especially in the advertising firm. In the advertising firm, a good idea can make a lot of profit, but a good idea does not equal to a high efficiency. Sometimes, a good idea should spend a long time to come up. For example, the slogan of Nike is “impossible is nothing”, but in decade, the slogan of Nike is other words. The reason why Nike should change its slogan is the new one is easy to remember. Switching the slogan can lower the efficiency, but in fact, consumers have accepted the slogan and remember the Nike slogan. Improvements in a firm’s information technology hardware and software are the major work in a computer firm, not in an advertising firm. Advertisement focuses on attracting consumers to buy the products. Sometimes the old method in the advertisement is better than the modern one. Improving the information technology in an advertising firm sometimes leads to the waste of sources because employees do not need such high technology to come up their works. To sum up, efficiency and information technology are not the key part for an advertising firm, so when the firm invests in the most powerful and advanced information technology, the productivity of employees will not be maximized. The
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