Analysis: Why We Must Fix Our Prison

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Angelica Sapiga CRM 101-M September 20, 2011 Prison Reaction Senator Jim Webb in “Why We Must Fix Our Prisons” brings to light many issues that are very wrong with our nation’s prisons. He most definitely believes that we are doing something wrong in this system and its placing a national disgrace upon us. We have not been doing much at all within the criminal justice system to address and fix these issues. It is definitely about time that we all looked at the hardcore facts and decided in unison to fix them in order to benefit and create a better prison in America. Our prisons are exploding in population. We are incarcerating more people than ever and we all have to pay for this! Taxpayers being local, state, and federal in total…show more content…
Instead they all go after the easily scared little bunnies in order to simply make arrests and incarcerations. Drug offenders are the reason for the dramatic increase in imprisonments lately. It gets even better, “47.5% of all drug arrests in our country in 2007 were for marijuana offenses” (paragraph 8). Majority of them didn’t even have a record prior to this offense. It’s absolutely outrageous to know that three-quarters of those in prison for drug reasons were all the little bunnies. We need to get out there and get the big bad wolf that is a serious violent threat to the nation. They are the ones that even start this whole drug business. In addition to that it leads to weapons and tactics which make this whole thing so dangerous. These gang activities have spread everyone worldwide. We need to start catching these guys instead of my eighteen year old cousin that was simply curious to try marijuana. He wouldn’t harm a bug, yet our system will put him in prison with the guys that would kill their own…show more content…
We must thing ahead so that we never have to encounter another drastic increase such as this one. We must really think of the person who committed the crime, who really got victimized because of this crime, how severely they were hurt, and just in general what good would it do to our nation and society if we lock them up in prison. Will it really make us a whole lot safer or will we just be spending more of our money to feed and clothe them in a prison where they may actually become a worse

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