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Analysis Wall Street

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Wall Street

We live in a society today, where money is not just an object but a definition of life. It contributes to not only a way of living but your status as well. In the movie Wall Street written and directed by Oliver Stone, the main character Bud Fox who works with the stock market becomes infatuated with becoming rich at whatever the costs. He gets so into it, that he loses some of his ethics in which he becomes greedy. Greed is a concept that can be seen in today’s society as well. It relates to ethical backgrounds as what stems from our everyday values of what is right or wrong.   An ethical issue like this is portrayed through many scenarios.
In the movie a main problem for Mr. Fox is trying to figure out if his actions truly acknowledge his values that he has grown up with. In his childhood Bud grew up in the working class with his father Carl, who was a blue-collar maintenance foreman at Bluestar Airlines. With this background, Bud knew how hard it was to survive and did not want to end up like his father. By working as a junior stockbroker he was able to live in New York City, however he was not making that much money.   He knew the only way to get to the top was being able to work with one of the best which was Mr. Gekko. Gekko who is a corporate raider, which means he buys a large stake of a corporation in order to have significant voting rights and be the leader. The only way Mr. Fox was able to work with Gekko, was that he gave him insider information about Bluestar, that he had heard from his father in a private conversation. With this Gekko becomes one of Bud’s clients. He makes Fox get more inside information on certain stocks by spying. By this he is getting commission from Gekko’s trade, but keeps getting insider information and uses his friends to also purchase stocks. Fox becomes wealthy and is able to get everything he ever wanted, however he still wanted more. This is where his greediness comes into play.
Fox and Gekko become greedy...

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