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The Walt Disney Productions Inc. is one of the most successful family entertainment providers throughout the world. It is famous for its characters, home video and theme parks. Walt Disney started out as a young unknown illustrator in the early 1920’s. The first breakthrough of the small company took place in 1928, when the cartoon producers introduced the first cartoon with sound and the new star Mickey Mouse. Since then the business went uphill till the death of the founder of the large corporation. Walt Disney was a leader with much charisma and a lot of good ideas, but he didn’t manage to train his management team to work independently. By the 1960s, the company had developed a diversified foundation, with the Disney brand firmly established in a wide range of film products (live action and animation), as well as television, theme parks, and merchandise, but the management couldn’t keep their advantages over the competitors. The company began to pay much attention to real estate rather than entertainment, drawing into the theme parks expansion. Meanwhile, its film production division began to experience large losses, as long as the management was closed to the new opportunities of media and cinema trends and was used to looking back and wondering what Walt Disney would do. By the early 1980s, much of the film industry had started to adjust to the introduction of cable and home video as new opportunities for distribution of theatrical motion pictures, plus opportunities for new investments. The Disney Company made a few moves in this direction, with the launching of the Disney Channel but without sufficient success. Another Disney’s division – the consumer products – could have been developed better, but it was getting less attention on the part of the management. The Disney Company without the confident leader showed itself as inflexible in quick responding to

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