Analysis: The Tell-Tale Heart

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Analysis The Tell-Tale Heart is a master piece of a short story. Edgar Allan Poe achieve this is several different way, but the psychotic mind of the killer really places you into another world. Edgar Allan Poe is in first person throughout the story from the killer’s point of view. The whole time you are seeing through these eyes of the killer and see every event and thought through this madness. The killer is masterful in his planning and really does it swiftly. This adds to the effectiveness of the killer being psychotic, and the more psychotic he is the more you get into character/story. The setting doesn’t play a major role put this is a good thing because you only need to be in the mind of the killer to understand what is happening in the story. Another big part of the author’s master piece is the way he uses language. There are several evidential parts throughout the story that add to the overall crazy killer. This author illustrates an individual who is intelligent, guilty, and crazy. Edgar Allan Poe creates a masterful psychotic killer. First I will start with the author’s point of view. The first person is all knowing from one individual in which this case is the killer. The story doesn’t need anything else then from this point of view. The only thing that is confusing about the point of view is that Poe leaves you wondering what the murdered old man was thinking. I think this is a good strategy because it makes you wonder if he pushed or nurtured this killer to the point of murder. I think not knowing this just adds to the psychotic part of the killer. This adds for an overall effective ending too. From the author’s stand point there is an internal debate to why this person wants to kill someone he openly omits to loving. If killing someone you love for just the way they look at you isn’t crazy enough, then the premeditated stalking
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