Analysis: The Billy Goat Curse

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Cursed Every team has a bad century, right? It has been 103 years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. The last time the Cubs won a World Series was in 1908. A lot has happened since 1908; our country has been through two world wars, a man has walked on the moon, and computers have been invented. The Chicago Cubs or as we like to call them in Chicago “The loveable losers” have the longest championship drought of any major league team. In Chicago, people always look for a scapegoat to help them cope with the Cubs not winning a World Series. Cub’s fans have blamed management, ownership, and even playing mostly day games at Wrigley Field, but I like to blame the “Billy Goat Curse.” The “Billy Goat Curse” has showed up many times in the…show more content…
I could still remember the 2003 playoffs like it was yesterday. The Chicago Cubs beat the Atlanta Braves in the first round of the National League Division Series advancing to the National League Championship Series. The Cubs were hosting the Florida Marlins, and had a three games to two lead when game six came around. We were five outs away from our first World Series since 1945. Then disaster struck! It was a fly ball down the left field line, and it was drifting towards foul territory. I saw Moises Alou jump up to make the catch, but a fan knocked the ball away. Anxiety, depression, and anger hit me really fast! I remember screaming out loud “It’s the goat!” The momentum definitely shifted towards the Florida Marlins. 40,000 fans at Wrigley Field were silent. It was a really eerie feeling. An error on a potential double play followed, and the Marlins scored eight runs in that eighth inning. The Cubs lost game six, and ended up losing the series. The fan that interfered with Moises Alou was later identified as Steve Bartman. It wasn’t Steve Bartman that cost us a World Series appearance; it was the “Billy Goat Curse!” Many Cub’s fans and even ownership have attempted ways to break the curse. The one that I remember the most happened before the start of the 2004 season; Harry Carey’s restaurant blew up that infamous “Bartman Ball.” Still, there has been no luck in reversing the

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