Analysis of a Successful Business Communication Essay Week 1

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Analysis of a Successful Business Communication Essay COMM-208 Week 1 4/26/07 Introduction Proper business communication is crucial to the success of a company. Lexicon, a brand of high performance home theater electronics owned and manufactured by Harman International, relies on frequent communication to its dealers and reps. These communications include product announcements, dealer sales programs and factory representative performance memos. Clear and well crafted business communication that has appropriate content and addresses its audience properly can provide an effective component of a business’s plan for success. This essay will analyze the PMDT to RT-10/RT-20 Trade-in Program letter written by the Lexicon sales team to its reps and dealers. It will analyze the specific parts of this letter that make it successful. It will also provide some suggestions to improve this letter. Importance of Literate Business Communication Communication in business is a practice that cannot be avoided. Communication within the company, to potential customers, current customers and employers represent a few of the communications that are made. It is vital that emails, letters, memos, marketing material, presentations, etc. be clear and easy to understand. Often communication to a customer may not be verbal, therefore the literacy of the communication is paramount. At times this may be the first impression a potential customer is getting of the company and the writer of the communication. If it is crafted properly the desired effect of the communication will often be reached. Style, Purpose, Audience, Content, and Organization Analysis The paper being analyzed for this essay is written in standard block letter format. It is written to the factory representatives and dealers of Lexicon and clearly keeps this focus

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