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Analyisi Presentation The Current Issue Analysis Presentation 1. Select a Labor-Management Relations topic of interest to your assigned group. Preferably, this topic is one that can assist your group’s firms with a better understanding of a related contemporary issue. I do not allow topic duplications during a given semester. Therefore, the sooner your group picks a topic, the more likely you will be granted your first choice. Please submit your group’s first and second choice selections to me before Day 2 of Week 3! 2. Utilize books, magazines, Passports, etc. to develop your presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation must consist of the following parts: a. Executive Summary (at least two sources: one of which is peer-reviewed and the other from the popular press) Briefly describe your two articles. b. Compare & Contrast 1. Compare facts from both articles 2. Contrast facts from both articles c. Conclusion (Weave the two items below—they are NOT stand alone issues) 1. Based on your research of this topic, how would you instruct others (bosses, peers, subordinates, etc.) to act when confronted with this situation in the future (in other words, what would you do if you were king/queen for the day). DO NOT repeat 2a and/or 2b above. 2. Link a theory/concept from your textbook to support your advice in 2c1 above (Cite page number and chapter). d. Reference list (at least three sources) Utilize APA 5th Edition 3. This presentation must be delivered in a PowerPoint format. Do not write complete sentences on your slides…bullets ONLY! (Speaker notes are required to be sent to the instructor—as an MS Word document—prior to the posting of the presentation. Your group’s finished product must
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