Analysis On The Witch By Edilberto Tiempo

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Analysis on The Witch by Edilberto Tiempo Characters The persona, narrator, and the protagonist in the story was an unnamed 12 year old boy who lived in a town surrounded by different barrios. He was a round and static character. In line with these texts, “once I was told to go to Libas with a bottle of medicine for Tio Sabelo’s wife” and “I thought of bringing home shrimps to my mother” he was portrayed in the story as an obedient and a dutiful lad. Being a 12 year old boy, he was easily affected by the rumors surrounding him, to the point of almost believing them without reasonable proofs. He was unnamed because he lacks his own identity. Towards the end, he said “the protruding eyes of the biggest, which was still alive, seemed to glare at me--- and then they become the eyes of the witch”. He, himself, got confused whether it was the witch’s power or he was just affected by the stories around him. In this case, the author, Tiempo, was successful in creating a complex character that will make the readers decide whether to believe in such folklore or not. Minggay Awok was portrayed as the main antagonist in the story. She was speculated as the witch in the story and was blamed for all the unfortunate incidents that happened in their place. As the story progressed, her mysterious character was revealed to the readers. She had a cruel husband who died before and a son who ran away from her. Moreover, she was described as a woman who spent her life living in bitterness and resentment. As an additional proof, “her eyes looked surprisingly young, but her mouth, just a thin line above the little chin, seemed to have tasted many bitter years”. Tiempo also made a very complex character out of Minggay. With the development of both his complex characters, a very intricate ending was also made. Based from the proofs I have gathered from the story, I believe that

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