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Analysis on Poem

  • Submitted by: SCORREA
  • on February 23, 2014
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Some days is a 5 stanza poem written by A American poet named Billy Collins, Collins is       known for poems that makes the reader think about their actual meaning. His poems are     described as witty, profound and thought provoking. Collins frequently addresses the reader directly in many poems. He is known for a bit of humor in some of his writing. In the poem Some days Collins try’s to express being in control vs. being controlled in society by using symbolism and shifting the tone of the poem
          Collins uses symbolism in his writing to show how you are either in control in society or you are being controlled. Some of the symbolism he uses can be found in stanza 1 lines (1-4) He uses the dolls that he is putting in their tiny wooded chairs. By that Collins is trying to say that the dolls are actually people or society, and the person controlling the dolls is a higher power such as a boss at work or the government to regular people. He also uses symbolism in Stanza 2 lines (5-8) by describing the dolls as perfectly motionless and perfectly behaved. He uses these words to signify power and control because in society you are expected to be perfectly behaved just as a doll is expected to sit there perfectly motionless. Collins says all of this which is not directly stating it but it can be implied by the reader, which is what makes it symbolism.
        The tone of the story is also something that contributes with showing what Collins is trying to express. This can be seen for example when Collins changes the tone of the poem in stanza 4. Instead of explaining to you what he does or what happens, he asks for the readers opinion and talks to the reader directly which helps show what he is trying to express by asking the reader how they would like it if one day they were the ones being controlled instead of having control. He uses words such as “but how would you like it” in Stanza 4 line 14, which is an obvious sign of his tone switching from him stating...

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