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Analysis On Dill Pickle By Katherine Mansfield

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  • on December 14, 2011
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Vera •Love interest of the man in the story. She was the person who had caused the man to break his heart.
“And now I understand so perfectly why you wrote to me as you did. Although at the time that letter nearly finished my life.”
•Comes from a rich family
“But of that evening she had remembered a little pot of caviar. It had cost seven and sixpence. While she ate it he watched her, delighted and shocked.”

Man •The person who loved Vera. He had spent his past years, after breaking up with Vera, going in to different countries. His sad past changed him.
“He was certainly far better looking now than he had been then. He had lost all that dreamy vagueness and indecision. Now he had the air of a man who has found his place in life, and fills it with confidence and assurance, which was to say at least, impressive. He must have made money too. His clothes were admirable.”
•His affection towards Vera was so great.
“What I really wanted then,” he said softly, “was to be a sort of carpet, to make myself in to a sort of carpet for you to walk on so that you need not be hurt by the sharp stones and the mud that you hated so. “
“It was nothing more positive than that… nothing more selfish. Only I did desire, eventually, to turn into a magic carpet and carry you away to all those lands you longed to see. “

The story started when Vera had seen the man that she used to love. He was sitting at one of those little bamboo tables decorated with a Japanese vase of paper daffodils, peeling an orange. The man, upon seeing Vera must have felt that shock of recognition towards her for he looked up and met her eyes.
The man invited Vera to sit with him and have coffee. Vera complied. He was telling her about the places he had been through the past years, with much emphasis on the country of Russia: he said, “it has been very wonderful especially Russia. Russia is all that we had imagined, and far, far more. I even spent some days on a river boat in...

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