Analysis Of: Tv Violence And Kids

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Analysis of: TV Violence and Kids While still keeping the elements of Rhetoric in mind it is easy to see the basics of this essay. To start the article was clearly written in the genera of a persuasive essay. The tone of the article was stern and the thesis was to the point, that television violence is a major cause for aggression in children. The medium of an article seemed predisposed due to the fact that it was a student written essay so most likely the medium was given to the author. One must look at the source of the article to begin the analysis, the writer. Who the writer is and his/her purpose of the article is very important when analyzing and reading. The only information given to the reader about the author is that this essay was found amongst many other student articles. But there are other clues within the text that give the reader the feeling of a student essay. The author was able to keep a stern opinion throughout the article while giving little room for flexibility within the main argument. With strong words such as definitely and absolute it was early in the essay that the reader was informed on the status of the writer. These strong words that made even stronger statements gave the reader a clear understanding on what the article was going to try and accomplish early on. The author was clearly trying to sway the reader to turn the TV off once the violence comes on. It was not exactly trying to inform the reader because although many facts were given, they were very weak and sporadic. The author gave general statements like “Some Psychologists” and “Studies have shown” while never actually giving the names, dates, or any solid evidence that television violence affects the lives of children. The facts given were used to get some emotion out of the reader, which in some ways might help the writer sway its readers faster and easier than

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