Analysis Of Third And A Mile By William C. Rhoden

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Third and a mile is a book by William C. Rhoden that is telling the career stories of four African American quarterbacks. Football was life for these four quarterbacks and they knew that the positives would always outweigh the negatives; they also knew that the only thing that would stop them from moving on to that next level was themselves and their skin color. Rhoden states on page 76 " The only thing stopping Warren was his skin color. The world saw how he played in the Canadian league and he was better than any QB in the NFL at that time and all the coaches knew it". That was a great sentence because it shows that even with Warren in the Canadian league he still pushed and pushed to make his somewhat negative become positive and makes it to the NFL. Rhoden states on page 95 “Joe’s life was football now that’s all he had left since his parents had died the only thing he cared about was football. Joe would stay out later than any other player just to get the extra work in so he could be the most dedicated player on the team”. Those sentences were good because it shows that even with the negative that his parents died he still…show more content…
I say this because Doug Williams got injured in the super bowl and came out one play then got right back in there while dragging his leg he wanted to be number one and he never quit. Warren Moon wasn’t even drafted he went to the CFL for 3 years and killed in that league ad that’s when he finally got notice and became a walk on for the Oilers. Warren Moon was also inducted into the hall of fame as the first African American Quarterback inducted into the hall of fame. African Americans need to be number one and pursue their dreams to the best of their abilities because who knows a scout could be watching you at any given
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