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Presented By: Abdullah Rehman S Analysis of the Thesis The topic of the thesis which I am going to analysis is “The status of two different languages: Punjabi and English in speech community”. This dissertation was submitted for the requirement of M.Phil degree. My purpose of analyzing this thesis is to enhance my learning and to apply my knowledge of research methods in real like situation. I am not going to evaluate or judge this thesis. I want to know more and more about the research method and basic features of a thesis. A thesis has five chapters. Here is the division of a thesis according to the order of his positioning: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Statistical Analysis or Results and Conclusion. A well written thesis also has abstract in the beginning and recommendations and references in the end. Analysis of Abstract: The abstract of the thesis gives the complete sense. The length of the thesis is almost one page. It is concise and easily readable. The very first sentence of the thesis describes about the problem, moreover, researcher tells us about methodology, the sampling of participants, data collection, significance and findings. Analysis of Chapter One: In introduction, the researcher describes the purpose of the study by quoting the words of a speaker which are related to the study and then gives his point of view. The purpose of the research was to observe the attitude of speech community towards its mother tongue which is Punjabi. This research explores the status of two languages Punjabi and English in a speech community. Then researcher gives the background of the problem. The

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