Analysis of Theoretica Framework

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Jamala Wilson EDUC 701 Dr. Gary C. Woods January 27, 2013 Analysis of Theoretical Framework (1000-1200 words) Dissertation title Pearson, C. (1990). The comparison of the effects of three prereading advance organizers on the literal comprehension of fifth-grade social studies materials. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Tennessee). Theoretical Framework Theories Identified and Explained (100-200 words) The theoretical framework in chapter 1 combined three pre reading advance organizers: a visual, graphic, and a problematic situation approach. It is used to determine if any of these one organizer produce a significant results with a control lesson using no organizer with compared to in a regular classroom. Theoretical framework provides a comprehensive approach to three advance organizers which include concept organizer, the graphic overview and the problematic situation. The study also takes into consideration to determine if the pre reading approach affected the comprehension of a given reading selection. The study will also show how an attempt was made to determine if one of three pre reading advance organizer approaches was significantly different from a control approach or the other two approaches, in terms of its effect on reading comprehension. Theoretical Framework and the Problem Statement (50-150 words) The theoretical framework frames the problem in the following ways it seeks to prove if reading comprehensive appears to be enhanced when the advance organizer or in use. The theoretical framework led the researcher to identify the three forms of advance organizer which are both discussed in reading and content area method literature. Studies have been conducted with different school aged children however , no studies have been found that compared the effects of the three pre reading advance organizer. Theoretical

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