Analysis Of The Ugly Truth About Beauty By Dave Barry

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Please compose a 500-word (minimum) essay based on your reading and Choice A or Choice B. |Choice A | | | |In “The Ugly Truth about Beauty,” humorist Dave Barry argues that men and women think of their looks differently and that much of this | |perspective is caused by childhood activities. Do you agree or disagree with Barry’s causation argument? Please begin your response by | |composing a thesis-last introductory paragraph that begins with a 3-5 sentence…show more content…
Please try to use an “although” clause to form your thesis. | | | |Your body paragraphs may build upon or respond to what Barry has already shown, but consider using the second paragraph to sincerely | |demonstrate your knowledge of an opposing view. At least one of your body paragraphs must feature your own unique supporting example. Sketch| |a rough outline for each paragraph. | | | |You must also quote Barry 2-3 times in your essay. But don’t just “dump” his words into your essay. Please use a signal phrase and MLA | |parenthetical page references with your quotes, as shown on your handouts in your book, to insert his voice smoothly and accurately. 1. Set | |up the quote. 2. Insert it. 3. Play off of it. (See below)

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