Analysis of the Shining

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Danny and Wendy escapes from an abusive family by accepting the truth. The Shining, directed by Stanly Kubrick, and based off of the novel by Steven King, is a horror movie that centers on the Torrance family’s stay at the Overlook Hotel. Steven King liked the movie adaptation but was disappointed that Kubrick toned down the supernatural elements that are more obvious in the novel. Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining is presented as more psychological and metaphorical than the literal ghost story written by Steven King. The events that occur in the overlook are better understood as a mental location instead of a physical one. The Overlook is the combined mentalities of the Torrance family. It is here that Jack is exposed as an abusive father and husband. It is also in the overlook where Wendy and Danny must accept that they are being abused in order to escape that mentality. If someone is escaping from an abusive relationship, the mental journey is often frightening and dangerous, just like the hotel. “shining” is the ability to see the truth. The hotel “shines” because it shows the truth. It is as if a light is shining and exposing something in the dark. Danny and Halloran’s shining may not be the ability to see ghost but the ability to see the truth. In this case the motives and darkness about Jack. When Danny shines he is remembering the truth that Jack is abusive. In the first few scenes, the relationship between the Torrance family members is established. Jack is the head of the family, who makes the decisions. Wendy is a stay at home mother, who is very close to her son Danny. In the book, Jack and Danny are very close and Wendy replaces Jack in many of the scenes from the book, which creates a stronger relationship between Danny and Wendy. Danny relates to his mother and both of them are in denial about the problems in their family.
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