Analysis of the Road Not Taken

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Analysis of “The Road Not Taken” The poem “The Road Not Taken” is a poem that really seems to express what a lot of people feel. As a result, many people think their interpretation of the poem is the “correct interpretation”, but there is no correct interpretation. Beyond the literal meaning of the poem, it can have different "correct" personal meanings to different people. Robert Frost uses a metaphor, imagery, and the structure of the poem to tell the reader about the road he or she might choose. “The Road Not Taken” proves to be a poem with emotional influence. Throughout the poem the author emphasizes the importance of the choices we make throughout our lives and the consequences we have to deal with in the end. There are two roads that split. The narrator realizes that he cannot go down both roads. He stands at the fork in the road and stares down one road as far as he can. He takes the “second road” because it seemed to be less worn, but he realizes that the second road is just as worn as the first. Both roads were equally not walked on that morning, but he decided to save traveling on the “first road.” He suspects that he'll never follow through on the decision once he takes the second road. That road could possibly lead to another fork and he will have to make another possible path choice. All the future road choices he might encounter, he thinks he's unlikely to ever come back and discover what this first road is like. When he's much older, he will reminisce about the decision he made. The decision that taking the less traveled road really changed his life. I believe Frost is speaking to the unique path we all travel in life. It’s about avoiding choices or making the wrong choices and living our lives based on a choice we made which cannot be changed. It also says that accepting a choice means declining another, and for every path we

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