Analysis of the Red Room in Jane Eyre

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Storyline of the extract on the red room. Right before this, Jane had gotten into a fight because she was reading one of John’s books and he beat her for reading it. As passionate with her feeling as she is, she beats him and he screams for help. Mrs. Reed on seeing this, rushes her to the red room with unpleasant utters. In this extract, Jane feels like such an outcast from all authorities in Gates head. She admits that she doesn’t love them because of the way that she is treated and disregarded despite the fact that she is dependent and very easy to live with. She causes little or no harm. Even the servants use her as a scapegoat for mockery, disagreement and others. She longs for love from a family but in vain. Jane is ignored in the red room for a day and she gets cold as it is raining and so is he hungry. As foresighted as she is, she started thinking about her death and she relates it to Mr. Reed’s which had also happened there. Using the style of flashback, we get to know more of John Reed, and his relationship to her. We get to know that Mr. Reed is a brother to Jane’s brother who was a peasant and he took her up into his own custody. No sooner had she known him, than he passed away in that same red room where Jane lay. She began questioning why Mrs. Reed would like her considering the fact that Jane was so foreign to her family in all ways and she felt like she was an intruder, an inhabitant. Of course, she didn’t carry the best intentions, happiness and love for Jane. This can also be seen through her children who are replicas of their mothers’ cruelty. Just as Jane grieves, she undoubtedly assures herself that Mr. Reed would never mistreat her. As she thinks about him, she remembers all the stories she had heard of dead men, all the superstitions that were told and she questions if they can meet reality. As she tries to affirm that they don’t exist, she

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