Analysis Of The Novel 'Year Of Wonders' By Geraldine Brooks

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Geraldine Brooks confronting ‘Year of Wonders' is a novel of fear due to plague which becomes a catalyst for change. ‘Year of Wonders’ removes people from their comfort zones and brings upon forcible changes as a result of the plague. The novel suggests that these changes can be both positive and negative and bring upon change in religion and reason. This is typical throughout the novel as the novel's protagonist Anna Frith changes from an uneducated servant to knowledgeable and independent woman. Conversely, negative changes are portrayed by The Bradfords whom fight fear with abandonment. Compelled by the pressure from the plague the villagers of Eyam are also forced to challenge and revaluate their morals and beliefs. Forced to change under siege of the plague Anna Frith undergoes a dramatic…show more content…
Furthermore, Anna who once thought "my own opinions worthless' and often looked up to Elinor Mompellion to follow her directions as guidance, realises that 'I was not Elinor, but Anna' and by the end of the novel Anna is able to cut any ties with Michael Mompellion to become her independent self after being 'tempered and made strong'. The Bradford family in 'Year of Wonders' is wealthy and of high status. When the plague spreads throughout the village, Colonel Bradford is forced to face reality by suggesting to Michael Mompellion that 'I am merely doing what any man of means and sense must do' in order to survive; by leaving the village. Fearful for his family and losing high social status, Colonel Bradford decides to leave behind the 'few sweaty minders and their snotty nosed brats' even though he knows the people of Eyam look up to him due to his wealthy status. This displays how fear brings out 'the best and worst' in people as the Bradford's leave the villagers without a second thought. However, Brooks displays how fear can bring upon the greatest change in a person's morals when Mrs Bradford is in labour at the end of the
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