Analysis of Tesco and Coca Cola

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New businesses: this as it allows new businesses to expand whilst also introducing new products to the supermarket chain. A good example of this is the new microwavable meals. Changes in Fashion: Changes in Fashion means that Tesco needs to change their products this can be bad but it can also be good depending on how fast it is seen. This also relates to trends. Immigration: with a lot of immigrants from Eastern Europe there is a lot of demand for new goods to be put into the stores. Rate of change: The rate of which technology changes is fast at the current time which means Tesco have to keep in with it all. Training: Without the relevant training of staff they can't use the machines properly Online Shopping: Online shopping has made Tesco extremely popular whilst also making it possible to have fewer stores around the UK and making them able to deliver to places where people may not be able to get to the stores. Health and Safety Laws: This restricts to the things that Tesco's can do within their stores. Data Protection Act: They have to keep all data they take of their customers protected. Age Restriction Limits: They have to make sure that all the workers in their stores are not selling age restricted items to under age people. Pollution: They have to make sure that they are protecting the environment in such ways of not producing a lot of pollution Recycling: They have to have policies in place about how products are recycled such as their carrier bags. Energy: They have to make sure that they are not using a lot of energy PESTLE analysis for Coca Cola Political Economic Social Technological Legal Environment Government standards: If Coca Cola doesn't mean the government's expectation then the company can get a fine which can range from a small price to a big price for the company. International laws:

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