Analysis Of Terminator Franchise

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Analysis of The Terminator Movies The Terminator film series has been one of the most popular science-fiction franchises of all time, as James Cameron created a science-fiction world not deep in outer space, but here in our planet during our time. It is a very memorable franchise because of the characters Cameron created, such as the daunting terminators, the strong-willed Sarah Connor, the new savior of humanity John Connor, and the ever-present artificial intelligence Skynet. Indeed, this movie franchise has made Arnold Schwarzenegger an immediately recognizable cultural icon and household name. Such a popular film series deserves to be analyzed and viewed from different perspectives. Media companies always advertise their films to get as many moviegoers as possible. This, of course, means more profits. However, the more moviegoers that see these films, the more word of mouth there is. Essentially, this is “free” advertising for the film. Garnham sees these cultural industries, like film, television, music, etc., as profitable and producing and circulating symbolic meaning. They produce symbols as cultural products and, though they do not necessarily create culture, help create it. As I said before, word of mouth can help create culture. Nowadays, there have been many parodies and references to the Terminator franchise because it is a cultural phenomenon. The Nickelodeon cartoon The Fairly Oddparents as well as The Simpsons contain a direct reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most famous role in the form of a large, muscular man with a heavy jaw and thick Germanic accent. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, though not related to The Terminator franchise in any way, references the movie in the form of a weapon used by the terminator, the Model 1887 shotgun, which also reloads in the same custom manner that the terminator does in Terminator 2. The franchise becomes
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