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Report on suzlon wind energy Group 7A:- * Jenish Saroha * Nitin rathi * Deepak Agarwal REPORT ON SUZLON ENERGY LIMITED SUZLON ENERGY Headquarters: Pune Market Capital: $2.308 billion Revenue: $4.454 billion Earnings: $82.274 million Wind Energy Industry Analysis: The development of wind energy in India began in 1990’s and is significantly increased in the last few years. India has the 5th largest installed wind capacity in the world. In 2009-10 India’s growth rate was the highest among the other top four countries. The installed capacity of wind power in India is about 14550 MW. It is estimated that about 6000MW of additional wind power capacity will be installed by 2012. Suzlon an Indian owned company by 2006 had captured almost 7.7% of market share in wind turbine sales. Suzlon success has made India the developing country leader in advanced wind turbine technology BARRIERS- Initial cost of wind turbines is greater than that of conventional fossil fuel generators par MW installed. Noise is produced by rotor blades, this is not normally an issue in the locations chosen for most wind farms and the research shows that noise complaints for wind farms in the UK ae almost non existing. FUTURE- The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has fixed a target of 10500 MW between 2007-12, but an additional generation capacity of 6000 MW might be available for the commercial use only in 2012. Analysis Of Suzlon Energy Limited: Suzlon was conceived in 1995 with just 20 people, its headquarter is in Pune, it is now a leading wind power company with over 13000 people over 32 countries, operations along America, Asia, Europe. Fully integrated supply chain with manufacturing facilities in three continents, moreover sophisticated R&D capabilities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany,

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