Analysis Of Struggle In Helena M. Viramontes 'The Moths'

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The struggles we have to cope with in life As the years go by, it seems as if day to day is becoming more of a struggle to survive rather it maybe cultural aspect, finances, or coping with fellow combats death. We experience struggle one way or the other. In Helena M. Viramontes” The Moths and other stories” and Tim O’Brien “ The Things They Carried” the characters experience a struggle in one shape or form which emotional connect them to each other. We as human beings all handle things in some shape or form which emotionally connect us to one another rather it may be cultural, religion, gender, or association. Helena M. Viramontes expresses several characters in her novel “The Moths” which struggles with cultural…show more content…
36. Women were pushed away from there their fathers and not trusted because they simply were a female. Young girls are some what forced to grown up fast and live on their cultural beliefs. The characters in these short stories are affected by there cultural and environments which may had led them to struggle with growing up. they struggled to come to common grounds with their culture, with the lack of respect for women, and the maturing. In “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien soldiers carried not only the weight from there ammunition, but also the weight from falling soldiers. These soldiers marched And camped out several months with the emotional struggles of losing their fellow combats or even knowing if they were going to live on a day to day basis. The soldiers struggled with the thought of wondering if they would ever return home. Tim O’Brien “ They carried all emotional baggage of men who have got killed and might die” pg.21. It is in my views a emotional struggle to deal with the coping of your fellow troops at the same time you still have to be in the war. It is inevitable to avoid death, but emotional stress to deal with
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