Analysis of ”Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells

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-Analysis of ”Stone Cold” By Robert Swindells- ”Stone Cold” is a story from 1993, written by the author Robert Swindells. The main character is a homeless boy, who refers himself by the nickname, “Link”. He lives in the streets of London, where seeing children and adults sleeping rough, has become a frequent thing. Before living in the capital, he stayed in Bradford. Unlike London, the people there aren't that familiar with beggars. They avoid getting too close, and walk away when they ask for change. The police in Bradford clean up the areas, and when getting relocated constantly, it makes it difficult to get proper sleep. He wasn't out every night, back then. Once or twice a week, he would show up at his sister's place, where he could get a bath, a meal and a decent night's sleep. Yet, all of those nights of sleeping rough, made him look more and more untidy. He felt like his sister's boyfriend/husband didn't want him there - just by looking at the way he stared, or the tone of his voice. He decided to leave, and headed into the dangers of the streets, with absolutely nothing. Trying to find a job in the big city, was a lot harder than he ever expected. He tried to impress potential employers by coming early, but even by being the most diligent person, he couldn't get hired without any address. Before knowing it, he gets kicked out by the landlord, who was requiring money he didn't have. - This was when he officially became a homeless. Later in the story, Link gets a friend called “Ginger”, who is a rough sleeper too. Ginger brought Link to popular tourist attractions, where he taught him how to beg. His first attempt got a mean rejection, which really took hard on him. It made him realize to expect the least from people. He learned not to be so sensitive, and that you shouldn't take rejections too personally. The tone of the story is quite sympathetic;

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