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Essay Question: Discuss how the distinctively visual conveys distinctive experiences in at least two of Stewart’s poems set for study and one other related text of your own choosing. Mankind’s interaction with nature has created new experiences, experiences of like no other. These experiences change mankind’s understanding of life around them. This new understanding ultimately changes their perspective of life and thus changing themselves. The distinctively visual in Douglas Stewart’s poems convey a lasting impression of nature and mankind by creating vivid images of Australian fauna and flora through the use of language techniques. The images he creates of the natural world, its vastness and beauty, ultimately exemplifies larger themes and issues as he questions our contemporary society and seeks to examine what it means to be human. The two poems “Nesting Time” and “The Moths” stand out from the rest of Stewart’s poems as they both explore deeper issues and themes of the world around us. The cartoon “Scenic Drive” by R.Cobb also exceedingly explores distinctive experiences in nature. We first gain the idea of nature in “Nesting Time” at the very beginning of the poem with the quote “Charming utterly disarming little bird” L2.Stewart describes the bird in behavioural terms and with the lack of commas used in the quote emphasizes the impression the bird has already left on the man and his daughter. The opening lines of “The Moths” which is “Such a blaze of snow, such a smoke of sleet, such a fume of moths in the air” however makes use of a recurring language pattern by the repetition of the phrase “Such a” to effectively illustrate the ‘snow’ and ‘sleet’ and as well as ‘fume of moths’ as it helps to capture the visual characteristics and features of nature. We gain an image of the shades of colour of the moths ‘snow-white’ as they blurring move and flicker in the

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