Analysis Of Rhetorical Devices

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Victoria Nguyen 10/3/11 English 1101 Wood Too Cool For School? There are many ways that an author can connect with his or her audience. In doing so, the author creates a more powerful argument and a closer relationship with his readers. Thus, the rhetoric that a writer uses reveals his or her intended audience. In this particular article, the author aims to interest students, young adults, and other people that are affected by strict job qualifications. Young adults and teenagers make up a large majority of student populations in colleges and universities. In an article that argues the worth of the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees through humor, anecdotes, and other techniques, the obvious audience being targeted is those concerned about their enrollment in school and future jobs. Humor is a way to engage and engross readers into literature and news. The author quotes Richard K. Vedder who says that “in 20 years, you’ll need a Ph.D to be a janitor” (par. 13). This example of humor is an overstatement in which the author emphasizes the proliferation of college degrees. Another instance of humor is when the author quotes John A. Stevenson who compares the Ph. D to a “12-year ticket to oblivion” (par. 28). This quote implies that the Ph. D requires so much focus, that the people who are pursuing this goal are so engulfed in it, that they are unaware of what is going on around them. Humor is a technique used by the author to occupy the imagination and the attention of readers. Thus, the intended audience is people who find this humor amusing, which are those who are concerned about college degrees and job qualifications. Opposing arguments are almost always presented in order to be refuted and discredited, and in turn to support the original argument. The author addresses the opposing argument as he says that
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