Analysis Of Rasquo's Travel Team

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The novel’s theme for the book Travel Team is basketball. It is basketball because the book talks about a group of kids who have been turned down and come together to not only win a championship but beat the team that turned them away. Although the players weren’t the best the book talked about how the team improved them and helped them become better basketball players. One reference from the text is when Danny although he was turned down, got back up and helped lead his team to many victory’s and even led them to a championship win. Another great reference is when Matt Fitzgerald who was not the best center became one of the bests in his league because the practicing and devotion to succeed in basketball. One last reference is when the whole team came together and won the championship, it shows that their hard work and devotion to basketball would help them beat the Middletown Vikings.…show more content…
The protagonist in Travel Team is Danny Walker, the antagonist is Mr. Ross. Danny and Mr. Ross are alike in many ways but the most obvious is their want and desire to win basketball games. Although Danny wants to win, sometimes Mr. Ross can be a little too competitive and sometimes it can turn a fun game into a game you don’t want to play in. Danny and Mr. Ross also want to be successful. Danny wants to follow in his dads footsteps with hopes that someday he can make it to professional basketball. Mr. Ross wants to become the coach that led his team to a national title. However, Danny and Mr. Ross have more differences than similarities. Danny wants to have his team win but he also wants them to have fun while doing it. Mr. Ross doesn’t care if his players are having fun or not, all he wants is to use them to become famous and successful. Mr. Ross takes twelve-year-old basketball way too
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