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La iman Janoory LIFE Life is but a passing glimpse of existence a small frame of time out of many too short for pleasure too long for suffering it’s a sand of uncertainties of happiness, sadness- apprehension. it’s the eternal cycle of fate sometimes motherly, sometimes a tyranny it’s but a shadow play and we the insignificant puppets playing the short scripts of destiny directing our little histories applauded by Death. Proton City, Tanjong Malim Nov, 2010 ANALYSIS OF POEM (LIFE) Interpretation: Both of us have picked a meaningful poem simply entitled “Life” by La Iman Janoory in our effort to complete this assignment together. Truthfully, this was the first poem we saw the day we decided to peruse the book “Ecstasies and Anxieties” and it didn’t take us long to know that we just had to pick this poem. As the title suggests, this poem speaks about life and how life is a fleeting journey that is filled with both joy and unhappiness. The first line “Life is but a passing glimpse of existence” tells us that everyone’s life does not last very long. Even though life actually does not last long, life seems very long and endless when we are facing so many unending difficulties when living. Life can also can seem short when we are having fun doing things we like. All these are clearly stated in the two lines, “too short for pleasure” and “too long for suffering”. It can be concluded that life can seem short or long, depending on the situation you are in. This poem also tells us that life is full of countless uncertainties. Both of us decided to conclude the line “it’s a sand of uncertainties” this way right after seeing the word “sand”. There is no way in which one can accurately count grains of sand, because these grains are, if not, seem incalculable. This line made us come up with the idea that everybody’s life is filled

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