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Analysis of Parable of the Law by Franz Kafka

  • Submitted by: serenayehh
  • on June 3, 2015
  • Category: English
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Serena Yeh
April 17, 2015

In Franz Kafka’s “Parable of the Law,” a man from the country comes before the Law seeking admittance. However, the doorkeeper states that it is not his time to enter yet. The man who comes before the law tries to find the purpose in life and what is right or wrong.
This is because nothing teaches us about what are the good acts or bad acts. Law is “the whole system of rules that people must obey and which control our activities.” Moreover, it is the only clue that teaches us what we should do or should not. For instance, we would not know killing or stealing is not a righteous deed to commit until the law stated so. In other words, the man seeks to enter the “Law” because these sets of rules are already there when we are born and it surrounds us in our everyday life. In addition to this, the word “Law” can also be explained in “something that always happens in the nature or society.”   So, it is the only credible place to solve the uncertainties he has toward life. Yet, the man cannot surpass the doorkeeper because no one can change the law because it is naturally meant to be there. For example, consider the law of gravity or law of conservation of energy. They are rules in physics that cannot be changed because they are facts.
The doorkeeper seems to be an obedient and a honest person who takes accounts of his job with great responsibilities. This is evident from the uniform that he wears and from not allowing the man to enter until the right time even with his briberies. Also, the doorkeeper highly respects his authorities by being humble. This can be seen when he claims that other keepers in other doors are even more powerful and stronger in power than he is. Despite the fact that he works for the “Law,” which is a level almost unreachable for normal people, he is sympathetic and patient. This can be imply when the doorkeeper is not rude towards the man and even gives him a stool to sit while waiting. The...

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