Analysis Of Nursing: Transitions In Nursing

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Break the Silence Amanda Gambrel Chamberlain College of Nursing NR101: Transitions in Nursing June 2, 2014 Back to Basics: Speak Up Jill, an upcoming OR nurse, begins her career at a rewarding facility that she could now call her home. While being precepted with other nurses in this field, Jill learned very quickly that Dr. Cook was not a subtle or friendly Doctor to work beside, but someone who was very particular and upfront when stating what she wanted. Dr. Cook was more of a “in your face” kind of woman. Even though Jill was told to avoid Dr. Cook at all costs, she fell into a serious issue. As Cook was in the middle of a procedure, Jill noticed Dr. Cook had touched the overhead light with her sterile gloves which were now contaminated. Instead of notifying the issue, Jill turned her head as though she did not see a thing. With her lack of confidence and fear of Dr. Cook’s evil persona, a patient could have gotten infected by a mistake that was not taken care of. To speak up and to have a voice is the basis to every life saved and injury decreased (Spruce 2014).…show more content…
409). The devastating accusations can cause such severe complications if not taken care of. Nurses have several tips and tricks to get through not having that voice which include: sharing and listening to personal stories, having the motivation from others to always speak up, and by the structural ability to focus on the attention and the consistency of safety and their behaviors. All health care professionals need to have the awareness that each and every person is accountable for their actions (Spruce
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