Analysis of Nineteen Eight-Four and a Related Text

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Analysis: The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes * How this text fits into your understandings regarding fear * The Highwaymen fits the understandings regarding to fear by knowing how there are people out there in countries where they robbed travellers, and they often had contacts at inns, where travellers would be staying. Although they were often viewed like Robin Hood, as men who robbed the rich and helped the poor, and for that reason and probably because they often dressed well and even had nice manners they tended to be idealised by people too poor to be their victims. * The ideas/events in the text that relate to fear of self and fear of others * The Highwayman brings a sense of criminal association, which raises questions over what is going to happen in the poem. The development of the poem is important in creating fear as it also creates expectations making the poem exciting using romantic language, such as 'purple moor' and 'ribbon of moonlight'. Purple being a very deep, rich colour introduces The Highwayman as he comes 'riding-riding-riding-riding.' It gives a sense of movement as if coming up to something, but what? This creates fear as we don’t know what’s going to happen next. The dramatic pauses between words also add a sense of mystery as if it's getting closer and closer, building up the tension. We continue to see words such as 'twinkle', 'jewelled sky', 'red love-knot' and 'claret velvet' all building up hope of something romantic and beautiful/ But we are soon introduced toTim, the contrast of the previous colours, to 'white and peaked' and words such as madness all raise fear and danger as something clearly is not right. Also, 'riding-riding' now becomes 'marching-marching'. Marching has a more forceful tone to it and not as soft as 'riding'. This creates fear as something different is coming and the word marching means it's not good.
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