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Part I In a string of sexually obscene and drug-induced events, the plot begins with the notorious escapades of William Lee. He is described as quite the drug addict at the beginning – and throughout the novel – who is hastily running away from the police. Lee, being on a constant run from the law, finally arrives at Mexico where he is allocated Dr. Benway without any information. Upon his appearance, Benway discusses with Lee his past life in Annexia where he was assigned the task of “Total Demoralization,” or “Deploring Brutality”, as Benway says. After this point in the novel, the reader is hit with very fast shifts from time and space. Then, the plot drastically shifts into Freeland, or as referenced as the limbo – can be metaphorically seen as the edge of Hell. Islam Inc. and Lee’s new companions including Clem, Carl, Joselito, and A.J. are introduced. After another small shift to the marketplace and then to the hospital, a quick change is seen as the plot shifts to the Interzone where the more striking Hassan enters. During this point in time, Hassan is hosting a savage debauch. At this ‘party’, A.J. starts creating ruckus and crashes the party. In short, A.J inflicts desolation and devastation. Hassan, angered by A.J, tells him to never return and calls him foul names. There is another fast paced shift to the market place – where drugs are obtained. This is where Lee and many other characters discuss the totalitarian government of Annexia. After this point, everything goes south. After returning to his ‘reality’, Lee becomes involved with massive problems in disjointed and unsystematically organized scenarios. Eventually the plot simply comes to an arbitrary and indirect stop. Part II Naked Lunch was banned in many countries for several valid reasons such as initial misprinting, and the general violation of obscenity laws. At

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