Analysis Of My Papas Waltz By Theodore Roethke

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Poem May 12, 2014. ENG125: Introduction to Literature Instructor: Heather Auger “My Papa’s Waltz” was the poem narrative Theodore Roethke made very interesting. This reading was fascinating poem. It really allowed the reader to engage with the emotion and interpretation. There will be several elements I will identify with and show how the literacy works. “My Papa Waltz” identified the point of view, methods, rhythm, and other literacy elements. “My Papa’s Waltz” showed the point of view as first person narrative. This poem provides the reader with moments that a father and son go through. It also has symbolized a rhythm that goes to a dance in the title. Identify the characters was became very obvious because the author used a lot…show more content…
This can be a symbolism of a relationship between two people that shows a one to one correspondence. The motion to this was shown with harmony of a bond. The author used “round and round” it allowed the reader to think of the circle of life. The poem talked about how aggressive the dance became and as the reader you would think this would be harmless that turned bad. The details make the poem; they allow you to imagine the dance scene fully. (Clugston, 2010). The poem gave clues that allowed the reader to feel as if something was going on beside the powerful tension throughout the poem. “The hand held my wrist” convince the reader to believe the son was forced by the father to hold his hand because if it wasn’t phrase that way it could’ve been a happy moment. Another line would be “Was battered on one knuckle” this is another method to identify bodily harm. The dance itself symbolize love between the son and father but also power and fear between the two. Roethke allows each reader to have different emotions with the way he applied his symbolism. Even though the author showed happy moments because of the dance but with the father being drunk and very power towards the son showed signs of

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