Analysis Of Mount Everst, By Jon Krakauer

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Jon Krakauer is the author of a non- fiction novel as well as the story teller and part of the expedition to Mount Everst. Jon was avid climber but later he started to give up his hobby in till the Outside Magazine called and asked Jon if he would be willing towrite a article to catch more readers eyes. Jon imediatly said yes and knew he was going to have to go out and experience the the climb of Mount. Everest to do this task. Jon knew this was going to taka lot of commitement he was going to have to leave his wife, put his health at risk and this trip wasn’t going to be free intill the task was done so he was going to have to leave his wife with no money or very little intill he got back only if he got back Rob Hall is a 35 year old 6’4inch
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